The Green Thumb Gardner
Graham Wa.

Green Planet  Medi One, Grow A&B,Bloom A&B,Aussie Tonic,Massive,Pro-Cal,Finisher,Liquid W-8,Root Builder,Zyme Caps,GPH.


Nectar for The Gods From Oregons Only





Flora Series Gro,Micro,Bloom,Flora Nova,CaliMagic,Diamond Nectar.

Botanicare Nutrients, Cal-Mag, Sweet,CNS 17,Pure Blend,Liquid Karma,Strapped,Hydroplex.

Budswel from the Guano Co.

Dutch Master Gold Nutrients

Inoic Grow,Bloom,PK Boost
Grotek Monster Grow & Bloom,Insta-Green,VitaMax,Black Pearl,Cal-Max.