The Green Thumb Gardner
Graham Wa.

Green Planet  Medi One, Grow A&B,Bloom A&B,Aussie Tonic,Massive,Pro-Cal,Finisher,Liquid W-8,Root Builder,Zyme Caps,GPH.

Earth Juice Grow,Bloom,Catalyst,Microblast,


Nectar for The Gods From Oregons Only




Cyco Platinum Series Nutrients




Humbolt Gro,Micro,Bloom, Master A&B,Natural Grow&Bloom, Oneness,Sea-Mag,Sea-Cal,Ginormus,DeuceDeuce,Myan Microzyme,Verde,Humbolt Roots.

Flora Series Gro,Micro,Bloom,Flora Nova,CaliMagic,Diamond Nectar.

Botanicare Nutrients, Cal-Mag, Sweet,CNS 17,Pure Blend,Liquid Karma,Strapped,Hydroplex.

Sunleaves Bat Guano

Humbolt County's Own, Crystal Burst,Snowstorm,Magnum.

Budswel from the Guano Co.

Fox Farm Grow Big,Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom,Beastie Bloomz,Cha Ching,Open Sesame,Sledgehammer

Dutch Master Gold Nutrients

Inoic Grow,Bloom,PK Boost
Grotek Monster Grow & Bloom,Insta-Green,VitaMax,Black Pearl,Cal-Max.